Blue World Travels?

While the world is a glorious thing to look at, why settle for a normal globe in your home when you can get one that is much more than a blue and green representation of our planet.

It used to become the only globes that were conducted on the market were the people you saw in the classroom. While they were a great way to become familiar with the geography of the planet, they were a bit boring.

Since those days, world globes have become more of a d?cor item in homes, and with that change in their purpose, there's a new creative globes for sale. Many of them are part globe, part entertainment venue.

It may be the idea of a bunch of men sipping a drink talking about their world travels that gave rise to the trend. However, it seems globes are now very popular as bar accessories. Many have been set up to be a part of a bar, if not a bar in themselves.

Want a unique decanter, you can study the nations of the world as your drink pours from a number of the new world globe serving containers. They even have a spout that pours the drink from the lower part of the world while you're watching the liquid level drop from the clear planet. Just do not get too enthralled in watching the earth drain or you may overflow your glass.

Other world globe bar accents hold the instruments of the trade for running a bar. While you can look at the whole world and appreciate the continents, when you pop the top you'll find all the items you require to mix up the drinks of the world. From a corkscrew for fine wines from France, to a cocktail shaker to make a Mexican margarita, all the tools you need are neatly nestled inside the globe until you're ready for them.

These, along with countless other places, are thronged by numerous travelers from around the world. People cherish the easy going lifestyle of this nation that is a group of islands. These they get to enjoy as soon as they get out of the cheapest flights to the country.

Want to take it one step further? How about a world globe that is a bar in itself? You can get world globes that are full bar sets. The top lifts up and inside is enough area to store 12 glasses and four bottles. What a way to have a party going. With additional storage down below in the base, in case you need more bottles. Many of these bars come with old world looks-marble or wood legs. And what looks like it was a base on a number of them is actually a refrigerator so your glasses ad bottles are always cool. The top splits open in two, to show a refrigerated area inside.

While many world globe bars are floor models and freestanding bars, there's some that are a little bit smaller. These are tabletop models with a refrigerator below the globe. You can flip the globe to the side to show off the prize beneath the base. You can even decide which part you'd like to have cooler. Some have the globe portion as the hidden refrigerator, others keep that in the compartment beneath the turning world.

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