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No two beaches are ever alike and not all vacations are the same. Taking for instance the beaches in the Carolinas which are underdeveloped compared to the California coastline that is largely developed and featured concrete piers. Atlantic City has a boardwalk and a small number of multi-million dollar casinos. This has just shown that every place has its unique identity that every year may keep visitors keep on coming back.

Seriously, the Cape has many of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast-there are about 115 public beaches including the National Seashore beaches.

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These are personal choices and yes, I do favor the Outer Cape beaches for my own Cape Cod vacations, but you will not be disappointed with any one you choose.

One unique element of a Cape Cod Vacation rental is mainly its ambiance as you'll experience pleasure when smelling the air perfumed with lilac and rose scents. The vacation houses are built closely to the sea with heavenly smelling flowers, together with the smell of the salty sea in the morning and evening, giving you a memorable and worthwhile experience.

At Cape Cod vacation rentals you're allowed to spend a 24-7 vacation on the beach. You can even lounge lazily on a beach chair in addition, you can take a nap on a soft and comfortable bed without leaving the beach. Most Cape Cod vacation rentals are just designed to suit to your budget. Thus far, taking up Cape Cod vacation rentals instead of a hotel accommodation could be the best choice you ever made.

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