Travel And Tourism Careers - What's Required

People have no clear idea about career in marketing. Career in marketing is very exciting and rewarding. Marketing offers opportunities to everyone whether they're low qualified or high qualified as it is vast field. Marketing includes selling, marketing research, new product development, packaging, pricing, sales management, product management, sales promotion, consumer guidance, distribution and after sales service. Marketing offers jobs in its various types like-direct marketing, telemarketing, counter selling, and online marketing. Career in marketing does not require a higher qualification. If you have completed your 10th and you're above 18, you can enter in marketing field as document collection boy or telemarketing executive. But if you get high profile job in marketing, you have to cover the requirement of a particular job in marketing. Suppose that you want to be a management post, you'll have to earn an MBA in Marketing.

Advertising is a part of marketing. An advertisement draws public attention towards a product or service offered by an agency or company. A good ad about any product or service makes people to think about that and convert them to purchase the product or take the service provided by the organization. So, career in advertising require creativity and a particular skill which can be earned from a college and institute. A diploma or degree in graphics design, creative writing and public relations allows you for making career in advertising.

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There are variety of colleges all over India providing education related to travel and tourism. More than 15 percent of the youth brigade annually takes up this field as a career choice. All these students need to have a great growth in the sector in order to make themselves worthwhile. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM) is one such institute which provides a comprehensive set of courses related to tourism. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Tourism & Leisure), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Service), Post Graduate Diploma In Management (International Business) and Post Graduate Diploma In Management (Tourism & Travel) are among the courses offered by IITTM.

Career in nursing offers opportunities to play important role in healthcare and scope of responsibilities. Nurses' work require to play various roles from general care of patients to teaching students at a nursing school including close work with physicians in the operation theatre. You can make your career in nursing after getting a diploma or associate degree in nursing. But a bachelor degree in nursing offers you a bright career and high salary package. If your desire is to teach the students willing to enter into nursing field, you can become a lecturer or professor at a nursing school after getting a higher degree in nursing like master and doctorate.

Travel & tourism sector is doing well across the world and how best to earn foreign currency. Travel & tourism offers a variety of jobs in airlines, immigration & custom services, travel agencies, hotels, tourism departments of public sector, and many others. Travel & tourism jobs are available as visa executive, tour management executive, air hostess, pilot, reservation executive, operation executive, ticketing executive, interpreter, travel guide etc. You have to earn education according to a particular job, for getting a job in travel & tourism. Master in Travel & Tourism can assist you in getting management post in travel & tourism sector. Select the particular job and get education according to that for making a career in travel & tourism.

Now a days more aspirants are also going for the Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism. Business of Travel and Tourism is flourishing now days. One can make a sterling career in it. Travel and tourism deal with their clients and solve their traveling related problems. One can go anywhere in this world with their help.

Airlines now resembles like a hotel. They are providing profound service to humankind. A person can easily reach his destination with the assistance of the travel and tourism agencies. Cultural holidays are fastest growing sector, according to World Tourism Organizations. In other words, everybody wants to study the world whether he or she's a kid or an adult. Everybody likes to travel and wish to enjoy his or her holidays.

Career in real estate is challenging and rewarding which requires various skills like passion for people, good communication skills, sales skills, computer skills, ability to synthesize, analytical skills, and creative ability. You can get jobs as real estate agent/broker, property managers, real estate adviser, real estate appraiser, and real estate entrepreneur. Get education from any institutes like National Institute of Real Estate, Indian Institute of Real Estate, Cornell University, CASS Business School, & Amity University and make career in real estate.

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    If you have completed your 10th and you're above 18, you can enter in marketing field as document collection boy or telemarketing executive.