The Truth About Disney Vacation Package Deals

Some families choose to drive instead fly when going on vacation. However, with gas prices through the roof, this can only be the best option. It depends on a number of factors, such as the effectiveness of your car, the distance to Orlando, the ages of your children, the size of your family, and the time of year during which you intend to travel. If you have a little family, want to travel during the off-season, and live far from Florida, heading to the airport may be your best choice.


Taking a train or bus to get to Disney World is another option many families choose. A bus or train is a great choice if your children are older and you live within a reasonable distance from Orlando. The key to finding the best price is to research and compare options. If possible, also work with a travel agency to find the best prices in a package deal or group discount. If you want to make the most budget-friendly choice for your Disney World vacation, be sure to explore every travel option before packing your bags.

Some families visit Disney World more than just once, and, if your family qualifies, being a member of the Disney Vacation Club can save you money. This club isn't equivalent to owning a timeshare with Disney, but you get 'points' for your membership. This can then be redeemed at any one of their many club resorts, which are only available to club members. It is important to emphasise that this isn't a real estate investment. It is simply a means to save money and make the most of a Disney World vacation if you live nearby and plan to go to the Magic Kingdom more than once..

However, even if you do not have the means to do that, the Disney Club may be in a position to help you. Points expire after a period of time, so if a member cannot make it to Disney, it is possible to sell the points. Once you purchase these points, Disney accommodations become available for a reduced rate! Do your research, and, if the points can help you save, buy some for your family vacation.

This year, you've taken the time to plan it out and got all details of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation chalked out. Everything from the flight tickets to your accommodation has been carefully chosen and booked weeks in advance to save money and obtain the best services available. Going to Walt Disney World in Florida is what every child and adult dreams of and attempts to make happen at least once during their lifetime. The sheer thought of the various rides, the facilities available and the discount Disney Vacation Club offers are all enough to make it one memorable trip.

Food is expensive in the Magic Kingdom, and, you're not allowed to take your own food into the park. If you plan to write the entire day exploring Disney World's parks, you'll most likely dine at them as well. While time may fly when you are having fun, hunger does n't, so consider one of Disney's meal plans. This is some of the vacation packages they offer. You pay one set price for a specified number of dinners and snacks per day with the meal plans. That means you can have more for your money! Another option is getting your hand stamped and exit the park for lunch. Orlando does have some great family options that are less costly than food in the park itself. So, maybe this would represent the best option for your family.

Disney Dollars are exchangeable at a 1:1 rate, but only in Disney itself. You can use them for most souvenirs and food in the parks, as same as in some non-park stores. Many people like to buy Disney Dollars to give their children a' Disney allowance' for items at the park. This is a great idea. However, if you buy them online ahead of time, it is possible to save some money. Because Disney Dollars cannot be used anywhere else or exchanged back to regular dollars, people who've them left over usually sell them for a period of less than a 1:1 rate.

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