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You should now see why the London riots have a much greater impact and threat to business travellers than you may have originally thought. We have examined the business travel threat posed by the London riots, terrorist attacks and resulting travel delays. You now have a special plan for this and similar events and the necessary business travel management and response. This will happen again. Perhaps not in London, maybe not a city wide demonstration but this kind and the extent of business travel disruption event will happen more than once prior to the end of 2011. Review your plan and make the necessary enhancements now.

This AM will call on a variety of blue-chip advertisers in the UK, with some exposure to greater EMEA markets. The position is based in London with limited travel and plenty of sales calls. The ideal candidate is a resourceful self-starter ready to launch the global expansion of a thriving business news site. Business Insider was launched in 2007 and is a dynamic company reaching the new generation of business leaders. We are a well-funded startup at the forefront of digital ...

Business Travel Management, are you kidding?

When economic recession hit the world two years back, it affected businesses very badly. In order to tide over this fiscal crisis, companies and organizations took some drastic measures such as layoffs, salary freeze, pay cuts, and so on. All measures were taken to cut down superfluous spending in all possible ways. Thus, business travel budgets were also reduced as it was seen as an unnecessary spending. Even when the economy recovered, the travel budgets weren't restored. Moreover, companies and organizations started preferring virtual meetings to face-to-face meetings as it was considered as a way of saving more time, effort, and money. Business travel budgets would be further reduced now with fears of another global recession in the offing. But is it a smart move to cut business travel budgets? Can virtual meetings take the scene of the face-to-face meetings? The answer is no.

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