Travel Agency Business Solutions?

Comparison shopping on the internet makes competitive pricing a necessity. This is fabulous if you are the shopper. It does not really count if you're looking for shoes or services, no seller is exempt. It's surely worth asking for the price to be matched or even bettered, for example if there is a package tour or trip that you see advertised at a substantially reduced rate than the man you thought of booking through your travel agent.


Travel agencies use print and electronic media for promoting themselves. Established travel agencies hand over the task of designing hoardings, displays, advertisements, brochures etc to professional advertising agencies. Personal promotion and sales is also essential in travel agency business. They should approach large organisations for getting business in bulk. A travel agency could participate in exhibitions, FAM tours and travel marts to get more business.

Sale sequence for a travel agency has four stages. These are enquiring about customer needs, developing personal rapport with customers, good presentation of products/services of the travel agency, and closing the sale. An agency must have proper contacts with major suppliers, for marketing effectively. They ought to be updated on schedules, fares and tariffs.

Adequate use of technology can boost a travel agency business. Technology enables an agency to provide instant services to its customers generating better customer satisfaction. All major suppliers, whose goods and services a travel agency offers in the product mix, use technology and have their own network. To provide better services to customers, a travel agency has to partner in these networks.

If it's the first time you are using a particular agent, you need to ask questions. Have a checklist ready, and let your travel agent know your particular needs. If you are combining a business trip with a family get-away, you may require a boardroom for so many hours on consecutive days (does it come with coffee/snack service? What about conferencing and internet availability?) ; Plus you might ask about a babysitting facility with details as to daycare and evening availability.

Upon your return from your trip, give your travel agent feedback. Good or bad or simply something new or different, this information can assist the agency be better informed to serve you and all its clientele better.

In fact, why not ask your agent to have all travelers report back upon their return? If it improves the precision of their advice, they can even offer an incentive to their clients to make it worth their while to jot down notes while away.

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